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Asset Management System

Accurate, Relevant and Timely Information.Cost Effective, Robust + Proven Technology. An Asset Tracking Solution should have a simple device that...

Accurate, Relevant and Timely Information.

Cost Effective, Robust + Proven Technology.

An Asset Tracking Solution should have a simple device that provides accurate, relevant and timely information, in a cost effective way. The challenge for the industry has been to have all three. TGI, has been able to marry a simple, solid device and use its data stream to create a rich, relevant information set. This information set is then focused to answer real business questions to help manage your company more effectively without anything falling through the cracks.

The device/software solution is cost effective. The information is game changing and leverages the information to help make solid, sound business decisions.

TGI Integrator

For further information sharing and added convenience, TGI also provides the TGI Integrator at no cost when you purchase your solution from us.  The TGI Integrator is an API that can be installed discreetly in order to facilitate seamless information sharing with dispatch software, back office systems, or other reporting systems.

Installation of the TGI Integrator is fast and easy, normally within 1 hour and… can be done remotely!  The Integrator API takes very little space on a server.  Your IT team can identify any server or other back office computer where the Integrator can be installed.  Once installed, the Integrator shares information with all popular dispatch systems.  Our Operations Team will be happy to install the software and/or work with your team.  TGI Integrator makes it easy to see all pertinent tracking information in one place!

GPS Tracking Devices and Tracking Management System = The TGI Solution!

Manage Your Business Well

By automating your asset tracking you will not only save time but money. Knowledge is power and we provide you with that through our powerful solutions built with the Transportation Industry in mind and easily integrated into your business.

If you’re tired of wondering where your assets are or who has them, TGI is the solution.

  • Real-time visibility of your fleet/assets.
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Solutions delivered in the cloud, hosted securely
  • Access to powerful dashboard anytime, anywhere
  • Seamless Integration
  • Mobile Apps for free download
  • Free Hardware and No Cost Set-up

Be in the Know

Know Where Your Assets Are. Our technology can track your assets and give you peace of mind. From trailers to containers, chassis to remote offices, construction equipment and more. We help companies transform.

How TGI Can Improve
Your Operations

  • Automate Yard Checks
  • Increase Trailer Utilization
  • Get Better Visibility of your Assets
  • Reduce Dwell + Detention
  • Increase Revenue for Customer Detained Equipment
  • Get Better Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Number of New Trailers Purchased
  • Reduce overall costs + Improve your Business’s Bottom-line

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