Professional Engagement Services

Beyond Tracking and Reporting Asset InformationContract TGI Connect Services to improve your service and operations. For unique reporting needs, operations...

Beyond Tracking and Reporting Asset Information

Contract TGI Connect Services to improve your service and operations.

For unique reporting needs, operations solutions, application changes and tweaks, work on any related tracking components, or additional programming requirements, sometimes you need more than just the technology. In these cases, a more fully integrated solution may be required. Our professional services team will work with your business leaders and provide a complete approach to solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us in order to discuss your project scope and requirements.  Our professional services team is experienced and can manage any project big or small.

Shaping Your Business +
Operations with TGI

TGI Connect serves the trucking industry at large and is intimately familiar with trucking operations in small and large facilities.  Let TGI’s Professional Services Team provide you with value added solutions for your trucking and tracking needs.  The team consists of a variety of experienced professionals with diverse and complementary competencies to assist you with project management, technical consultation and solutions, strategic planning and efficiency improvements.

How TGI Can Improve
Your Operations

  • Automate Yard Checks
  • Increase Trailer Utilization
  • Get Better Visibility of your Assets
  • Reduce Dwell + Detention
  • Increase Revenue for Customer Detained Equipment
  • Get Better Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Number of New Trailers Purchased
  • Reduce overall costs + Improve your Business’s Bottom-line

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