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Where is My Equipment?

We let you know where your assets are.No tractor hook-up required. There are many devices on the market today that...

We let you know where your assets are.

No tractor hook-up required.

There are many devices on the market today that provide excellent location information. TGI is one of the best as our technology not only provides asset tracking but also becomes an asset management tool for bettering  your business — improve processes and procedures and save money. And we can help tailor our solutions to your business and your goals.

We work with you to decide crucial requirements and objectives so that we can integrate the best solution seamlessly and effectively. We will help you get the the results you need. TGI is an asset to your business.

Whether you have one yard or multiple terminals, you need to know where your trailers are. No more calling your customers to see if they are holding your trailers - Let TGI Asset Tracking do the work for you.

Customized to your Business Needs

The most basic business needs of companies dealing with multiple assets is to know what is moving and what is at restwhat is generating revenue, and what is not? Once you have this valuable information you can assess why and make necessary changes to improve how your company runs overall. The impact of asset management will be seen shortly after implementation.

To ensure success the organization needs to take an asset view of the problem, NOT a tracking view of the problem. By knowing that it is the asset that matters, the organization can wrap logic around the asset to frame what information needs to be passed when we get a location beacon message (or breadcrumb).

By comparing the location information to the business information we can formalize yard checks, detention and dwell times and utilization times. This is just one example of how asset tracking morphs into asset management.

How TGI Can Improve
Your Operations

  • Automate Yard Checks
  • Increase Trailer Utilization
  • Get Better Visibility of your Assets
  • Reduce Dwell + Detention
  • Increase Revenue for Customer Detained Equipment
  • Get Better Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Number of New Trailers Purchased
  • Reduce overall costs + Improve your Business’s Bottom-line

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