Utilization Report

Utilization Report

Utilization Report

Are you in or are you out?

Utilization focuses on performance aspects of your fleet. Is your asset moving? Where? How far? Is it idle at a terminal or other landmark? Is it being used efficiently and effectively? If it is moving and over the road, you know it’s earning you money. Assets that are moving are compared to assets that are at rest. The percentage is then broken down in various ways to give you, the business leader, real insight into operational performance.

Where assets are idle, they may be serving customers or at your terminal. Important to know so you can deploy your assets optimally.

Maybe you have assets you don’t require. Utilization reports can illuminate how you can best use your assets and whether you need those assets at all. Perhaps you can divest some assets.

Industry averages show that trailers cost $600 / month / trailer to operate. This cost includes depreciation, decals, stickers, plates, maintenance, parts, and other costs. With the utilization reports, costs may be reduced by reducing assets in your inventory that may not be generating revenue.

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