Asset Tracking for the Oil & Gas Services Improves Profits

Has Your Trailer
Been TGI'd?
Easily track your assets
with powerful technology + knowledgeable
operations staff
The Power of Simple
Transportation Focused, Powerful Information, Boost Efficiency
Confidently locate your valuable assets anytime + anywhere.
No More Manual Yard Checks
Whether you have one yard or multiple terminals, automate your yard checks.
No need to physically visit your yard anymore.
Manage Assets From Anywhere
With hi-tech solutions and robust reporting options
you will save money and time!
Top-Notch Reporting
Schedule your report & have it emailed to you!

Collect information that matters; many
helpful reports available.

Easily monitor your entire fleet!
Free Mobile Apps
Available for Android, iPhone & Blackberry.
At corresponding App Stores.

Why TGI?

We have designed top-technology to support you in everything you need to manage your assets from tracking to reporting to information at your finger-tips with our mobile apps. Why TGI? We work with our clients to seamlessly integrate our technology with their business goals and dedicate our knowledgeable team to find the best solution with A1 customer support  – simply and quickly.


We help you to conveniently and accurately manage + track your assets and provide the best: proactive + consolidated reporting, location updates every 10 minutes while moving, dwell + detention, low-upfront capital cost and customer driven solutions.


With TGI you’ll always know where your assets are from anywhere. Our solutions are focused on the transportation industry and we will help you manage your business efficiently + effectively. Never waste time wondering where one of your trailers are again!


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Trailer Tracking the Way It Was Meant to Be.

Why Great Companies Choose Us

TGI Innovation Firsts

  • No Hardware Costs
  • Scheduled Push Reporting
  • Seamless Integration
  • Polygon Geo-Fencing (with hundreds of points)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Multi-Lingual (English, French, and Spanish)
  • ROI Calculator

Man holding tablet

The TGI Advantage

  • Reduce Trailer Ratios
  • Reduce Trailer Detention
  • Eliminate Manual Yard Checks
  • Eliminate Customer Dwell
  • Improve Trailer Utilization
  • Reduce Trailer Rentals

Free Mobile Apps

Free Integration

Fastest ROI on the Road!

How TGI Can Help Your Business

How TGI Can Improve
Your Operations

  • Reduce overall costs + Improve your Business’s Bottom-line
  • Automate Yard Checks
  • Increase Trailer Utilization
  • Get Better Visibility of your Assets
  • Reduce Dwell + Detention
  • Increase Revenue for Customer Detained Equipment
  • Get Better Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Number of New Trailers Purchased


01 Oct 2018

Once again TGI attends this significant industry conference. Great opportunity for networking and learning!

14 Mar 2017

When looking towards the future of the transportation industry, success isn’t just a matter of having the latest equipment and good people.

20 Jun 2016

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