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My Connect Manager

User-friendly and fully customizable asset management software

Software Designed for Efficiency

Since having access to rich, actionable data is only beneficial if your team knows how to use it, TGI has raised the bar by combining our user-friendly software with a unique account management style that ensures your investment goes the distance.

Give your company the competitive advantage to stay ahead with an application so intuitive and easy-to-use, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Best Trucking Software for Fleet | Truck Racing MCM


Asset location and utilization reporting


Integration to all 3rd party software applications without disruption


With an unlimited user capability to accommodate any size of fleet


Access of filtered information between all departments


Geofencing capabilities

Have a team reluctant about digitization? We understand.

The rapid changes taking place within the transportation technology ecosystem can feel overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. To help companies overcome these challenges, TGI focuses on a holistic customer service approach ensuring everyone on your team not only feels comfortable with our MCM software, but empowered to maximize its potential. Our relationship-based account management style is our way of guaranteeing a sustainable return on investment throughout a steady, interconnected workflow.

Raising the Bar on Expectations

When it comes to serving our customers, we will never be satisfied.

Through multiple touchpoints of communication and quality assurance, we go out of our way to exemplify the high-level service TGI is known for. With our finger on the pulse of both your company and the changing landscape of the industry, the word ‘complacency’ simply does not fit into our vocabulary. 

As our impressive roster of in-house software engineers constantly collaborate and brainstorm ways to innovate and improve your solution, you can take comfort in the notion that TGI technology will remain cutting edge.

MCM Software - Your Key to Streamlined Operations and Happy Customers

Are you ready to optimize your business?

Let TGI show you how