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Who We Are

Who We Are


Welcome to TGI Connect – your gateway to cutting-edge asset management solutions designed specifically for the transportation industry. With a legacy dating back to 1992, we’ve honed our expertise in trailer asset management to provide our customers with a tracking solution that delivers unparalleled efficiency and cost savings.

Access to an extended coverage footprint and state-of-the-art satellite technology empowers businesses to thrive in an interconnected world by providing maximum uptime and revenue-generating opportunities. Our dedicated customer service team will exceed your expectations with proactive and comprehensive account management based on a proven track record of trust, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Empowering Your Fleet's Journey with our tracking software and solutions
30+ Years of


Why Us?

Our team of industry experts are committed to helping you transform your company with revenue and innovation goals that will surpass your performance expectations, reduce operational expenses, and streamline internal processes.

With top-notch customer service and an account management approach intended to build lasting relationships, the palpable enthusiasm of our customers is reflected by our glowing testimonials and sky-high retention rates.

TGI Performance Mission

TGI is unwavering in our commitment to deliver services with professionalism and excellence, upholding industry standards and the terms of your agreement. Rest assured, we stand by our services and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Your peace of mind is our priority.

With TGI solutions, you get:

  • Fast shipment of hardware devices
  • An account manager to ensure high-level access to customer support
  • User account set up in order to access the My Connect Manager software
  • Free installation and configuration of the TGI Integrator
  • Last known asset positions via tracking software
  • Peace of mind in universal, reliable access to the full picture of your fleet
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Investing in Company Culture

At the heart of every great organization is a partnership of diverse professionals whose collective experience, creativity, and insight culminate into a melting pot of synergy and innovation. TGI has embraced this notion by cultivating an environment of respect and inclusion, where team members are inspired to build on and refine the rock-steady foundation we attribute to our proven and continued success. Through fostering the unique talents and attributes of our dedicated employees and ensuring they feel valued, we’ve enabled a greater sense of passion, contribution, and belonging that we believe has propelled us forward to become industry-leaders. As we continue to invest in the quality of life of our growing team through various wellness incentives and initiatives, we fulfill our mission to deliver a superior service driven by authentic customer support and unmistakable value. Featured below are just a few examples of why TGI team members do not identify simply as employees, but as stakeholders.
Tgi Connect - the Future of Transportation with Advanced Asset Management

Company Leadership

Our CEO, Bill Wright, believes that providing TGI employees with a balanced lifestyle of connection, purpose, and physical health, will result in the confidence and motivation to achieve their highest potential.

Find how the TGI advantage can help to scale your business.

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