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Your Return on Investment

Eliminate inefficiencies and maximize revenue with a guaranteed ROI

Transforming Client Relationships and Growth Benefits

Transform Your Bottom Line

Listen to what Carlos Sousa, E.V.P. of Maritime-Ontario had
to say about TGI

The implementation of TGI contributed to our growth and reduced our rental trailer pool, enabling us to save over $70,000 per month in operational costs.

Carlos Sousa
E.V.P. Dedicated Services Division at Maritime-Ontario

Do More With Less

On average, a middle-sized fleet will save up to a million dollars each year with our solution. In addition to the benefit of streamlined efficiency across all departments, our customers are typically so surprised at the immediate savings resulting from their solution that the majority express regret for having not TGI’d their fleet sooner.

A Solution Designed to Pay for Itself

You deserve the peace of mind in knowing your investment is making you money. TGI makes this happen by assigning every customer a dedicated account manager whose laser-focus on your company’s key analytics will ensure your operational savings. This proven strategy was created with the sole focus of empowering customers to maximize their profit margins despite the costly impacts of driver shortages, high fuel prices and government regulations.

A Solution tailored Designed for our customers

Curious about how TGI can impact your bottom line?

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