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Global Satellite Technology

The broadest coverage map possible through the LEO satellite network

Say Goodbye to Dead Zones

Traditional GPS tracking options are only able to report on what assets are in range, leaving you to make assumptions rather than actionable business decisions.

Without complete visibility it is impossible to know if you are meeting your utilization potential and generating the revenue your fleet is capable of.

Worldwide Satellite GPS Tracker for Remote Live Tracking | Tgi Connect

TGI Provides Steadfast Coverage of Your Assets Beyond the Confines of Conventional Cellular Networks

Satellite Tracker to Monitor Your Fleet Assets

Experience True Reliability-
No More Lost Trailers

Instead of relying on guesswork to find assets stuck in dead zones, ensure that you are never in the dark with the peace of mind that only satellite can deliver. Whether you have one yard or multiple terminals, it is crucial for utilization, operational efficiency, and reduction in overhead expenses that your team has complete access to the big picture.

Attributed to the ongoing evolution of satellite infrastructure and accessibility, TGI proudly provides customers this top-shelf, multifaceted service without a premium price tag.

Do you really know where all of your assets are?

We can help