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TGI Advantages Brochure

Explore the TGI Connect Advantage: Discover the pinnacle of customer service excellence fused with cutting-edge sensor capabilities and Bluetooth technology. Our brochure unveils the trifecta of differentiation: Guaranteed ROI, Optimized Workflow, and Satellite Tracking, setting us apart in the industry. Delve into features such as mileage-based maintenance, automated yard checks, and seamless integrations, streamlining operations like never before.

Uncover the hardware powerhouse behind our service: Globalstar’s Smart One Solar™️. Learn about its specifications and how it powers our innovative solutions. Elevate your operations with TGI Connect – where superior service meets unparalleled technology.

TGI Advantage Brochure- download for more info
All In One Smart Sensor|ViziCube| Tgi Connect

Vizicube Brochure

Introducing the Vizicube Cargo Sensor by TGI Connect – a revolutionary leap in trailer monitoring that redefines industry standards. Powered by cutting-edge AI and Edge Computing, this innovation delivers unparalleled real-time insights into location, temperature, door activity, and cargo status, ensuring precision and accuracy at every turn.

Experience a new era of logistics optimization with the Vizicube Cargo Sensor. Detect roll/swing door movements, monitor load levels, track vibrations, and record temperature events seamlessly. With hassle-free installation and wire-free operation, it’s never been easier to enhance your operations.

Flip to the second page for a dive into specifications and added benefits: real-time data monitoring, AI-driven analytics, and risk management and optimization features. Elevate your logistics strategy with TGI Connect – where innovation meets reliability.

TGI Trailer Connect ID Brochure

Discover Trailer Connect ID – the intelligent solution revolutionizing truck and trailer connectivity. Bid farewell to erroneous hookups as this smart device ensures precise pairing, real-time monitoring, and effortless integration, guaranteeing seamless operations every time.

Unlock a world of efficiency with features like accurate pairing, timely notifications, and efficient reporting at your fingertips. Benefit from wireless installation using low-energy Bluetooth technology and effortlessly integrate with your back-office systems for streamlined workflows.

Turn to the second page for a closer look at the compact device’s additional specs and features. Elevate your trucking experience with Trailer Connect ID – where precision meets simplicity.

TGI-Trailer Connect ID -Best Trailer Tracking Device

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