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Company Profile TGI is a privately held company that is 100% focused on providing asset management solutions to the transportation...

Company Profile

TGI is a privately held company that is 100% focused on providing asset management solutions to the transportation industry. Formed in 1992, TGI originally provided trailer marketing opportunities to trucking companies. And with many successful relationships being developed over the past 18 years TGI has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in trailer asset management. Through this experience TGI has developed a very powerful and cost effective solution for trailer asset management.

TGI has partnered with the GlobalStar Network, which allows for seamless worldwide satellite coverage, currently operating over 50,000 subscriber units. TGI’s seasoned specialists know how to successfully implement the right technology in order to streamline operations, automate work-flow and improve efficiency and productivity. TGI’s customers experience increased profits through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

TGI’s SmartOne Solar™ device integrates with MyConnect Manager (MCM) providing the tools to increase productivity, utilization, and profitability. This allows transportation companies to gain a competitive advantage in today’s ever changing market.

Whether your needs are trailer tracking or a full fledged asset management system, TGI has solutions to help. We take pride in helping our customers become more profitable through the use of good 21st Century technology, best business practices and building a one on one relationship to last for years to come.

Why People Love Us!

Just a few of the reasons our customers choose + stay with TGI.

Customer Service


Tracking Accuracy

Low Start Up Costs

Mobile App

Performance Guarantee

TGI solutions will provide regular location updates where equipment has been properly installed.  All Integration functions, messaging, reporting, and software are guaranteed.  In addition, devices are warranted for the life of the service agreement.


With TGI solutions, you get:

  • Shipment of hardware devices in a timely fashion
  • User account set up in order to access the MYTGI web portal
  • Free installation and configuration of the TGI Integator
  • Last known asset positions via tracking software
  • Expert customer support and service
  • And much more… not just dots on a map!

The Power of Simple. Trailer Tracking the Way It Was Meant to Be.

Customers Say…

…TGI Trailer Tracking has made a significant positive impact on our business, we are able to identify the terminals that hoard trailers, cut in half the time it takes to invoice detention to our customers, and reduce our rentals. Thank you TGI!

Has your trailer been TGI’d?

TGI can easily get your assets ready for tracking with their powerful technology + knowledgeable operations staff. Contact us to find out more.