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Track your assets from your smartphone or tablet Install TGI Connect’s mobile application onto your smartphone or tablet!  A powerful...

Track your assets from your smartphone or tablet

Install TGI Connect’s mobile application onto your smartphone or tablet!  A powerful tool that fits in the palm of your hand!

Tracking your company’s trailer or untethered assets is just as important as tracking your payloads and inventory. You need to track them to know their status, location, and other pertinent information. This helps ensure they don’t become misplaced or used for something other than their intended purpose.Our mobile application can be installed on your smart phone or tablet!  Performing a simple yard check, for example, from any remote location without leaving your office, car, or home helps you to avoid all of the time, cost, and lost productivity required to manually locate assets.

<>Powerful Info at your Finger-tips.

<>Usability & Design. Ready to go technology.

<>Developed to easily track your trailer from anywhere.

Tracking assets manually can be a time-consuming process in itself, if you don’t have the right tools. The TGI Connect mobile app is a popular tool for trucking enterprises looking to track and manage their assets because employees can use their existing mobile devices to gather asset data.

Numerous useful features are built into our top rated app. TGI Connect’s mobile asset tracking app allows employees to optimize all these asset tracking features shown below easily from your smart phone or tablet.

  • Automated Yard Checks
  • Asset location using your trailer’s identification number
  • Use the same login credentials as your web account
  • Get detailed information for assets in landmarks or OTR
  • Dwell and Detention information
  • Get powerful Google Map and Satellite location images
  • Do a status check on any TGI tracking device
  • Assign or Remove a tracking device to/from an asset
  • Swap tracking devices between assets
  • Review asset inspection information



TGI goes Apple – The Power of Simple is now available on your iPhone.

Click here to view and download app in Apple’s iTunes store or simply open up iTunes from your iPhone or iPad and search TGI.


**If you don’t already have iTunes installed you will need to download iTunes to download TGI’s app. Click here.

TGI Android App


The TGI Mobile application for Android® can be found at the Google® Play Store. Follow this link or simply find the “Play Store” icon on your device, open it and search for TGI; look for the TGI swirls icon.


Download and install the application from there. Once installed just fill in your credentials under the options buttons.


Click here to go to Android Google Play Store directly to download App.

…The implementation of TGI contributed to our growth and reduced our rental trailer pool, enabling us to save over $70,000 per month in operational costs. — Carlos Sousa, VP of Operations, Maritime Ontario

TGI Goes Mobile -- What to Expect from Your App

Home Screen/Main Menu

Here you will find all the features for the application.

  • Find Asset
  • Detention Time
  • Dwell Time
  • Utilization
  • ESN Check
  • Options


Options Screen

This is where you key in your TGI credentials

automated yard checks

Yard Checks

Yard checks go mobile!  Have an eye on your assets – whether they’re in your yard or your customer’s yard – virtually from anywhere!


Dwell Main Screen

This is the main screen for the Dwell time function. You can touch the sort button on the top to change the sorting of columns


Dwell Pie Chart

You can view a pie chart of the data by touching the “by asset” tab at the bottom.


Dwell Bar Graph

You can view a bar graph of the data by touching the “by landmark” tab at the bottom.