My Connect Manager

Your Window into Your Assets

Personalized dashboard to easily keep track of your assets.

TGI’s My-Connect-Manager is a browser-based application that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. It allows users to view real-time asset positions and historical asset activity with easy-to-use lists and satellite/map imagery.  The fully featured TGI mobile application is also available from your app store for free download for your smartphone.

Benefits Include:

  • Web based portal developed by TGI allows for easy access from any browser and any device, from laptops to smartphones, 24/7.
  • Complete Suite of configurable asset location and utilization reporting for increased visibility and improved bottom-line.
  • Asset Landmark reporting for reduced detention costs. To truly make our dwell and detention time powerful, we provide the flexibility for landmarks to be circles, squares and more importantly polygons.
  • Ease of integration to all 3rd party software applications as well as other data migration capabilities, providing more efficient access to information.
  • Unlimited user capability and user management which accommodates any size of fleet.
  • Configurable Asset Management profile library brings more efficient access to information.

How TGI Can Improve
Your Operations

  • Automate Yard Checks
  • Increase Trailer Utilization
  • Get Better Visibility of your Assets
  • Reduce Dwell + Detention
  • Increase Revenue for Customer Detained Equipment
  • Get Better Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Number of New Trailers Purchased
  • Reduce overall costs + Improve your Business’s Bottom-line

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